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Here at Bartender Mixed, we offer a ton of bartending lessons for those who are ready to start learning how to get themselves behind a bar with the goal of working toward a future career. But what does working as a bartender offer that makes it so attractive to those applying? Why would anyone one want to work late nights and long hours on their feet to earn only what customers feel like tipping? These are great questions and they are ones worth answering.

The Negative Aspects of Working as a Bartender

A bartender is not always the most respected individual in the bar. The logic behind it would make it seem like the job is part-time and underpaid blue collar labor. While the job does require hard work and dedication, there’s so much more to it. More often than not they take a verbal beating or two by those who have had one too many drinks and are under the effects of liquid courage. There are slow nights with almost no tips and fast nights where their head starts spinning and patience wears thin. All in all, the job is not an easy one and the pay is not always guaranteed. The challenges of bartending can make it difficult to balance the pro’s and con’s in your head, but one must consider the fact that there is no salary cap to the job.

Unlimited Potential

Wad of CashBartending has the potential to make great money which is why most people are so eager to work in the industry. A great night can have you leaving with excess of a thousand dollars. While this is not always the case for every position, it has happened to me more than once. It is also cash in hand which normally has you walking out with a significant portion of your income that same night. It is for these reasons that most people see bartending as a cash cow.

Although your income varies from night to night, you can almost predict what you will make based off of a few elements. First is the time of day you work. Second is the day of the week. While finally, if you are working a special occasion such as an event or on a holiday you can bet that you’re going to be making more than a normal night.

Seductive Atmosphere with Tons of People to Meet

The atmosphere tends to pull people in as well. There’s a reason why bars and clubs are full. Lots of music, dancing, and singles flock to the night scene to be a part of something fun. Bartenders are no different. I tend to ask the question, “Who wouldn’t want to work in fast-paced environment around a good-looking fun-loving crowd ready to have a good time?” It’s a provocative scene while also being lucrative and sexy. The combination is one which adds to something between a scene in a James Bond movie and an episode of Friends. People are out to have a good time with a bit of an underlying agenda.

Remember These Tips to Get a Bartending Job

On top of all of this, your primary purpose is to talk to people while providing them with something they already want. There’s very little selling going on so the need to be pushy is almost non-existent. All the while you are able to actually meet fun and outgoing personalities. Networking is actually my favorite part about the job. The variety of people you meet provides you the ability to build a diverse network of contacts. By the time I had settled into each of my bartending positions, I already had met multiple acquaintances whom I had interest in speaking with more about various investments, jobs for friends, and just about anything worth having a contact for.

Why You’ll love it

Working as a bartender can be fun and entertaining while also providing a great income. If you’re the kind of person who enjoys meeting new people all the time, you’ll have no problem building a solid network of great contacts. Although bartending positions vary based on the establishment you work in, if you find a good one it can be hard to find another job that equals the excitement and atmosphere you get while serving up great drinks.

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