Three Wisemen Shot Recipe

Three Wisemen

When the time comes for a bit of wisdom in the night, there’s no one better to call upon than the legendary three wisemen. Revered for their knowledge of nightlife and intoxication, when combined they create a drink potent enough to put even the most experienced drinker down for a few counts.

The easiest way to remember this drink is to know the first names of these three wiseguys, Jack, Jim, and Johnny. It differs from the Four Horsemen Shot only because the Mexican of the group is missing, Jose.


Three Wisemen Shot Recipe
Recipe type: Warm Shooters
Prep time:
Total time:
  • ⅓ Ounce Jack Daniels
  • ⅓ Ounce Jim Beam
  • ⅓ Ounce Johnny Walker Red
  1. Combine in a shot glass and serve

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