Online Bartending Lesson 1: Mixed Drink Types

Mixed drinks range from the extremely intricate to the very basic. Breaking down the hundreds of variations into 7 categories simplifies what would otherwise be very confusing.

Juice Drinks

Juices are a very common mixer and are usually party favorites. Included in the juice category are beverages made with energy drinks as well. You’ve surely tasted or heard of a Cranberry Vodka or a Jäger Bomb. If you’re a new bartender, you will surely want to begin with this category because of the simplicity of ingredients.

Cream Drinks

Cream drinks have a heavier consistency to them because they are made with half-and-half, Irish Cream, or a similar cream mixer. Try a White Russian or a Creamsickle for a delicious taste of the cream drink family.


There are a wide variety of Sours made with various citrus juices or sweet-and-sour to add tang to the flavor of the drink. The ever-popular Long Island Iced Tea, Amaretto Sour, or even a Pisco Sour are examples of this category.

Blended Drinks

Blended drinks are common slush-type drinks which you have a pre-made mix added to an alcohol. In this frozen drink family, avoid adding too much ice for best results. Common blendeds include Margaritas and Mudslides.


Shooters are broken down into both Warm Shots and Cold Shots. Popular examples of Cold Shots include a Kamikaze or a Lemon Drop, while Warm Shots include a Liquid Cocaine or a Three Wisemen.

Warm Drinks

Warm drinks are prepared with hot chocolate, coffee or other hot base. Surprisingly, there a number of drinks that can be made from Coffee alone. Be prepared to serve these earlier in the day.


Historically, Highballs were named for the type of glass in which they were served. Today it refers to generic category of mixed drink mixed with soda and various other drinks which do not fall into the previous categories mentioned. A Seven and Seven or a Mojito are both Highballs.


Simplify the learning process by breaking mixed drinks into related categories. It is a simple system for new bartenders. Don’t make things difficult in the beginning or you are likely to quit before ever entering this exciting field.


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