Online Bartending Certification

Dream of becoming a bartender? Need to become certified or recertified? Consider an online bartending course or downloading our bartenders guide. A rarity until fairly recently, online bartending certification is not only possible but in many cases is preferable to attending a more conventional brick and mortar bartending school. With an online bartending school option, you can learn in the comfort of your own home and at your own pace while still earning the same bartending certification as you would at a more traditional school. You often have several options to choose from to personalize your learning experience based on the amount of instruction and guidance needed and your current level of expertise.  authentic bartending certification after online course

For those new to bartending, options can include printed training materials, CD’s or DVD’s that reinforce online lessons, recipe books and a bartending kit containing a variety of tools of the trade. Some of the topics covered will include the basic rules involved in bartending, basic bartending terms, liquor laws for all 50 states, alcohol responsibility training, and techniques for making and serving the myriad variety of alcoholic beverages that are popular today.

For those just needing a refresher or looking to recertify, an online bartending certification course can be tailored to cover just the information needed. You may already have your own bartending kit and be somewhat familiar with a variety of drink recipes, and just need to brush up on your technique. An online course can accommodate you at your convenience and will provide the same authentic certification as a more traditional bartending school.

The interactive bar simulator provides real time practice making the various drink recipes demonstrated, seeing how a standard bar is set up, and recognizing the various glassware involved and what drink goes in what glass. It is a fun and stress-free way to learn fun and rewarding career skills. Online bartending certification can also include tips for increasing your tips and earning potential, and tips for creating and keeping loyal customers. In addition, because an online course can be accessed remotely from any location, a distinct advantage to achieving an online bartending certification is that you will be qualified and certified for any state in the U.S. rather than just the state in which you currently reside. Most online bartending schools also offer practical quizzes that you can come back and take even after you have finished the course and received your certificate, allowing you to refresh your knowledge as needed.

Bartending is a challenging but rewarding career with the potential for large amounts of money for relatively few hours of work. Online bartending certification can get you started on this path to a fun and exciting job or career.