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Recently, we released our new free ebook titled The 3 Biggest Bartending Mistakes That Will Get You Fired. This high quality guide gives you exactly what the title suggests. Not only do we offer a description of what these mistakes are, but we talk a bit about how to avoid getting involved in them so that you can keep your job and be successful as a bartender.

This bartender’s guide is a full color hi-res downloadable PDF which we’ve put in more quality than you can find anywhere else. We’re confident you’ll appreciate the information it presents. Here at BartenderMixed we only look to send things your way if they meet 3 criteria:

1. It has to help you become a better bartender.

We want you to succeed. If it doesn’t enhance your skills or make progress towards making you a better bartender and getting you a job behind the bar, then we won’t promote it, talk about it, or say a damn word in reference to it. We appreciate people not wasting our time and we don’t want to waste yours.

2. It has to be high quality and worth your time.

Quality is extremely important here at BartenderMixed. We’ve taken the time to write great bartending lessons and bring them to you better than anyone else out there. So why should we cut corners when it comes to products and downloads? We don’t.. This ebook is hand made and we’ve put a lot of time and effort into making sure you’ll like what you see, read, and learn.

3. It has to be honest and straightforward.

We don’t want to sugar coat anything. Saying bartending will bring you piles of money and get you future opportunities with beautiful dates and have you working in the most popular establishments in town is… well… not at all a lie. Saying that it’s easy is. But it comes with hard work and late night hours. Everything we teach is real information that real bartenders need to know. Nothing is copied, nothing is fake, and we know you appreciate the honesty.

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