Modern Bartending is Smarter, Wealthier, and Sexier

Bartending as we know it today didn’t always exist. Nowadays one can find success bartending at parties, at catered events, in night clubs, or simply as an everyday server at a humble establishment.

One can say that Modern Bartending became famous when Tom Cruise stepped into the spotlight in the movie Cocktails. He introduced Flair Bartending as an art to the middle class and popularized the modern image of bartenders that we know today. What was once a quiet background character became a jovial and friendly smiling face to offer guidance to those in need and often times becoming the life of a party.

Liquors for Mixing Drinks
As the 90’s rolled around, companies popularized high-end spirits and mixed drinks. They entered the market as sipping beverages poured over ice and served straight up. After a while they entered the hands of mixologists who quickly turned these spirits into flavorful concoctions that could be enjoyed by the masses. Bartending would soon become an art as the 90’s became the new millennium. High-end establishments began paying top-dollar to bartenders who flip bottles, dance half-naked on the bar top, or create colorful shows with fire.

Many bars hire individuals based on a particular look, skill, and attitude, having to be rough around the edges yet charismatic enough to befriend customers. Patrons attempt to flirt with their bartender while buying more drinks, which in turn provides the establishment with more business. In countries where tips are commonplace, bartenders can make a hefty living equal to that in the corporate world. Today, Las Vegas, L.A., and New York are known for their lucrative night club bar scenes. It is not unlikely for a bartender to make between $60,000 – $80,000 annually.

Getting the best bartending jobs today require more than just mixology skills and looks. But with the right combination of style, flair, charisma, and behind the bar class, one can live the good life and have a blast along the way.

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