How Much Does a Bartender Make?

The income of a bartender highly depends upon three variables. First is the location of the establishment. A bartender in Las Vegas can expect to make between $30k and $75k per year. It also depends upon whether the bartender is working for a high class nightclub or a small bar. A metropolitan city will provide more drinkers and a higher median income of customers to the establishment.

The second variable is the experience level of the bartender. Those who understand the nature of the business will earn more in tips each night. Customers will relate better to a bartender who is relaxed and efficient. The third variable is the number of bartenders sharing the shift. This usually results in split tips. Since you will be giving a percentage of your tips to barback and hostesses. You will see a smaller payout at the end of the shift.

Based on surveys, bartenders make on average around $30k per year. This can grow to as high as $100k if you work at some of the best night clubs and hotel bars in the country. Hourly rate of bartenders is usually between $9 and $14 per hour. There are times when this will be the only income you will make during a shift. Some of the higher paying states include: California, New York, New Jersey, and Florida.

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