Bartending School Does Not Result in a Bartending Job

What most people don't know is that conventional bartending schools fall short. With a required investment of around $500 to $2,000, what you actually get is worth less than something you can buy from a book store. I'll show you exactly how to master every area of bartending and how to memorize drinks in a fraction of the time it would take you at a school.

And don't fool yourself into thinking the teacher is going to spend "quality 1 on 1 time" with each student. You're lucky if there's less then 30 people trying to ask 10 different questions all at once. Many times you're lucky if the teacher has worked a real bartending shift in his entire life!

Now what if I told you that you can learn to Bartend from home. You can do it on your own time with a system that bartending schools use everyday. That's right, this program includes over 200 audio files so that you can easily memorize hundreds of cocktails. Our system focuses on simple phrases that allow your brain to easily recall each ingredient in a drink.

I’m Ryan the Bartender and Creator of The Complete Bartender's Guide, I want to help you get the bartending job you'll love because I was once the one sitting and wondering how in the world I could start. On top of teaching everything you need to know to get any bartending job you want, I’ve created a state of the art system for you to memorize hundreds of drink recipes EFFORTLESSLY.

This is the only bartending material you’ll ever need and I promise that it will help you with everything there is to know. Easily memorize any drink you need to know without the effort of memorizing the old fashioned way. In the past, you would have to sit and cram every ingredient line by line into your memory for later. Today’s fast-paced lifestyle doesn’t make this practical anymore. Follow this program and you'll know more than many bartendings who've worked years.

The Only Lightning Fast Bartending Lessons Where You'll Learn To...

Create a Bulletproof Bartending Resume

Not only will you learn how to sell yourself to any establishment, we'll include a template so that you can simply drop in your name and info!

Ace the Application and Interview

Real bartending interview questions and answers to amaze any bar owner, hiring manager, or interviewer everytime! Be prepared for any situation.

Get Hired in Days Instead of Weeks

The Learn to Bartend & Get Hired guide gives you the secrets to getting the interview when you want instead of waiting around for a phone call.

Master Bartending Anywhere, Any Time

Our guides are made to work with your smartphone and tablet to take with you on the go! With the audio guide you can learn as you work, exercise, and anywhere you want to be.

Learn to Bartend in Only a Few Days

By using the rapid memorization system based on mnemonic phrasing, you will cut weeks off your learning time. Do you think by not having to drive to a classroom everyday your time will be better utilized for practice and learning?

Free Updates for Life

With your purchase you will also receive free updates for life. Any time we release an update you will have complete access to it. You'll also be the first to know about any new downloads or free products.

The Fastest Way to Become a Master Mixologist

Written in the most basic and easy to understand language, these tutorials walk you through each lesson.

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Want to skip bartending school and get a job in as little as a few days?

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Here are just a few things you will learn within the guide:

You'll go from complete and utter beginner to a professional bartender all at home on your own time:
  • The basic steps to becoming a master mixologist
  • A simple yet absolutely necessary way to pour your drinks with speed and efficiency without measuring each ingredient
  • Simply ways to practice at home that mimmic actual bar environments
  • The MOST EFFECTIVE way to professionally handle drunk customers or even remove them from your bar
  • What it takes to work day in and day out as a bartender making incredible money
  • Hundreds of ways to effectively increase your tips!
  • 14 bartender tools and how they'll be used during your shifts
  • The right way to garnish your drinks
  • How to serve a full bar of eager customers all yelling their orders at once
  • Bartending knowledge on each type of alcohol from Beer to Rum to Whiskey

Don’t have hundreds to fork over to pay for weeks of classes only to find out they didn’t teach you what you needed to know?

You'll receive the detailed chapter by chapter guide that teaches you how to bartend from complete beginner to experienced pro. You'll be amazed at how quickly you can make entire orders of drinks without hesitation. The entire time you'll be pocketing hundreds or even thousands in tips per night.

The Complete Audio Guide

Memorizing hundreds of recipes is great but it would take you months to master every drink in our 200 drink guide. Using a bartending trick known by the most advanced bartenders you can rapidly memorize each recipe simply using related numonic phrasing. This practice has been used for years and breaks memorizing drinks down to the most basic form. Don't struggle spending weeks memorizing each ingredient.

  • Uses an advanced system of word numonic phrasing to make memorizing a breeze
  • Over 200+ recipes that you will NEED to know working as a bartender
  • Memorize drinks while on the go no matter where you are
  • Compatible with any smart phone or tablet
  • No need for flash cards
  • Follow along with the recipe as you hear the recipes repeated to you verbally

As an Added Bonus You'll Also Receive:

The Ultimate Bartender's Resume Guide

Discover real bartending interview questions along with tips to help with your answers, a step-by-step guide to build your resume, and a Bartending Resume Template compatible with PDF and Word to help you get started.

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30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Our first priority is 100% customer satisfaction so if for some reason after using this guide you don’t feel it has taught you how to bartend I will refund 100% of your purchase with no questions asked. If you’re not satisfied for any reason I will gladly issue you the full refund and let you keep the guide in case you ever change your mind.

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  • Learn to Bartend and Get Hired – Even complete beginners need somewhere to start. We walk you through the basic terms, tools, and knowledge that you'll need to work your way into becoming a proficient bartender.
  • Know Your Alcohols - No longer will you wonder what the difference is between bourbon and whiskey. This section teaches you the various liquor terminology and what you need to know about each bottle.
  • Beyond Basic Knowledge and Things to Take with You - After mastering the basics, you'll learn how to start using everything behind the bar to masterfully create any drink your customers will throw your way!
  • Drink Guide – Over 200 recipes for you to learn with ease as you follow along using the audio guide. Each category of drinks allows you to transition easily from shots to juice drinks and beyond!
  • Complete Audio Guide - How would you like to take your bartending lessons anywhere and learn while driving or running or even sitting in a cubicle? With these MP3's the process of learning can go anywhere you want with ease.
  • The Ultimate Bartender's Resume Guide - Complete with interview questions, answers, steps on how to create a resume and template files.