Boilermaker Recipe


A boilermaker recipe is not a recipe at all but rather a set of instructions and descriptions that to lead you into this common bar practice. So what is it? A boilermaker is simply a shot of whiskey and pint of beer. This has also been called a shot and a beer in more simple terms.

But a boilermaker can be taken in a few different ways, each of which is acceptable so be prepared to have your friends choose their own destiny. The first is to take the shot then simply drink the beer after, hence the term a shot and a beer. The second is to drop the shot glass of whisky into the beer like a bomb drink and drink it as quickly as possible. The final way which we least recommend is to pour the shot into the beer and drink the concoction as one beverage. We feel that the final method disrupts the taste of both liquids and leaves you with a blended mess, but to each unto his own.

Feel free to test your boilermaker with Scotch, Rye, Irish, or Bourbon to find your preference. And just know that yes, this will add a hint of hair on your chest when you’re finished.


Boilermaker Recipe
Prep time:
Total time:
  • 1 Pint Any Beer (Preferrably Light)
  • 1 Ounce Whiskey
  1. Serve the Whiskey in a Shot Glass next to the Beer in a Pint Glass


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