Basic Bartending Lessons and Bartending School

It is not uncommon to be required to attend a bartending course before being hired by many establishments. Whether or not this applies to you, you will eventually receive training on basic mixology and bartending procedures.

In order to be sufficiently prepared to immediately get behind the bar, your course should include the following curriculum. Prepare yourself by understanding the following concepts before attending the course.

Bartending Language

Students must learn the basic language used by both customers and bartenders alike. There is also a language in the food and beverage industry that bartenders should familiarize themselves with in order to interact with other staff. Acronyms are used for many multi-word phrases and can speed up the communication between bartenders and their counterparts. You can view our Bartending Lesson on Mixed Drink Terminology here.

Alcohol Knowledge

Required alcohol knowledge includes types of beers and spirits, wines, liquors, garnish selection, glassware selection, and serving specifics. Bartenders must be able to recognize alcohols by bottle, color, and taste. The level of knowledge will depend on the quality of the bartender as the more knowledgeable one becomes in alcohol, the more valuable they are as an employee and a server.

Behind the Bar Basics

Familiarizing yourself behind the bar is essential to being a quality bartender. Knowledge of alcohol location, bar tools, and proper conduct should be thoroughly covered. You will also need to understand how to use many of the tools and what special circumstances to prepare yourself for. This section will lead into the Opening and Closing a Bar curriculum as well.

Opening and Closing a Bar

Prospective bartenders must learn techniques in opening and closing a bar. Cleaning a station, organizing, and preparing for the beginning and end of a shift should be covered in detail.

State-Specific Laws

Bartenders have responsibilities to abide by laws which vary by state. There are legal implications with serving alcohol that students need to learn. Bartending lessons should teach students which laws they fall under and how to act according to the governing statutes. Prevention of legal action for the establishment should be a main goal of this section. To find the local group that governs serving alcohol in your state, head to our Directory of State Alcohol and Liquor Control Boards.


Basic mixology to advanced techniques will be covered. Students learn step by step methods by which drinks are made and built off of previous beverages. Simplifying the long process of learning a variety of concoctions allows bartenders to be timely. Although mixology is traditionally thought of as more of an art, there are common themes necessary for even basic bartending.

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