Over the years you’ll find that bartending is like any other professional trade out there. You have your experience and knowledge to guide you, but at the end of the day there are still some valuable tools you just can’t live without. Here are some of my favorites that I’ve come to use along the way.

Flair Shatterproof Bottle

Flair Shatterproof BottleThe shatterproof flair practice bottle comes in handy for new bartenders to master the skills behind some of the most difficult tosses, twists, and flips. In the past I’ve used old empty plastic bottles, but after a while you need something more sturdy and realistic to get the feel for the weight of a full bottle. High-quality and durable, this will last you your entire career and trust me, you’ll be learning moves the whole time. You’ll never run out of new tricks to master for your customers. After a few years, you’ll certainly have mastered your own routine but you have to start with a decent practice bottle at home.

Margarita Glass Rimmer

Margarita Glass RimmerHandy for any bar that serves hard alcohol and spirits, this glass rimmer is not strictly beneficial for bartenders serving margaritas. In fact, as you learn more and more drinks you’ll soon find that cocktails, shots, and blended drinks alike require a glass with rimmed salt or sugar.

This device makes the process as simple as turning the glass in the sponge side then placing it in the side with the necessary ingredient. If you’ve ever thrown a margarita party then you know just how useful a tool like this can be.

Mr. Boston 75th Anniversary Edition

Mr Boston 75th Anniversary

As of creating this list of resources, Mr. Boston 75th Anniversary Edition has 5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It deserves nothing less in my opinion as it stands as one of the greatest recipe guides a bartender can have on hand. It includes over 1,500 drinks and has information on absinthe, sake, and other unique drinks which we have only started to enjoy over the past few years in the United States. This edition is the 75th Anniversary of Mr. Boston’s guides and has been updated for 2011. I usually buy the new editions as they come out because of how much I like their guides over others on the market.

2 Ounce Shot Glass Collection


2 Ounce Shot Glass CollectionWhat is more important to the style and atmosphere of a bar than the glasses themselves? Well, there are a few things that are equally important, nonetheless the quality of glassware will no doubt have one of the most significant impacts on your guests.

Personally, I love the quality of this shot glass collection. You don’t need to break the bank to get great glassware. You want something that feels comfortable in the hand, not too light and not too thick. These seem to feel just right for pouring down a well-mixed shooter.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes That Will Get You Fired by Bartender Mixed


Free Bartender's GuideGiving things away for free usually means that quality is not really going to matter from the author’s perspective. We took this approach and threw it out the window by creating something that we wanted people to happy with once they’ve downloaded and saved it. The 3 Biggest Mistakes That Will Get You Fired is the first bartender’s guide by Bartender Mixed and certainly not the last. As far as it being a free download, well we hope you appreciate it as much as the 1,000+ people who have already enjoyed it!

Bartending Tools Lesson


Bartending Tools LessonAlthough this is simply a bartending lesson describing the practical uses of each tool you will need as a bartender, the image links share high quality tools that you can click through and purchase from

Each item is top notch in it’s class and not only something you can proudly display in your bar, but can also be added to any up to date kitchen or home wet bar as well. As a bartender, or soon to be bartender, you want tools you can be proud of. You also want the necessary equipment handy to practice as often as needed.