Bartenders Guide

Beginning Bartenders Guide

This is the beginning of our Bartenders Guide where you’ll get free valuable bartending tips and bartending training advice from accomplished bartenders. Bartender Mixed is different from other online courses in one primary way, we supply you with a ton of information all for free so you can learn to bartend professionally. Everything you need to become a bartender is available through our Bartender’s Guide which you can follow step-by-step to learn the same exact information you would from attending a bartending school. For those who want an even more in-depth course along with an audio drink guide, check out The Complete Bartender’s Guide.

Sidebar AdBelow is the list of lessons you should follow. They are laid out so that you can progress as they increase in difficulty. By the end you will understand how to bartend an entire shift. You will also be prepared for what you can expect when you interview for a new position along with the difficulties you will face as a new bartender. Although we can teach all of this through our lessons, it is your responsibility to get your hands dirty with some real mixing and serving action at the end.

We hope you enjoy the course and remember to download the Free Bartender’s Guide – The 3 Biggest Bartending Mistakes. If you would like to browse through the course curriculum we have it listed below. Alternatively, you can start from the very beginning using this button.


Beginning Bartending Guide

Bartending Curriculum & What You Need to Know

What Does it Take to Be a Bartender?

Bartender Job Description

Lesson 1: Mixed Drink Types

Lesson 2: Mixed Drink Terminology

Lesson 3: Bar Tools

Lesson 4: Bar Glassware


Get a Bartending Job

Bartender Qualifications & Job Tasks

Bartending for Quick Success

Do I Need a Bartending License to Get a Bartending Job?

5 Things You Should Do Before Applying for a Bartending Job

How Do I Become a Bartender Without Going to Bartending School?

6 Tips to Remember to Get a Bartending Job

Bartending in a Restaurant

Bartending on a Cruise Ship


Online Bartending Lessons

How to Open and Close the Bar

How to Use a Shaker

How to Muddle a Drink

Bartender’s Guide to Gin

Bartender’s Guide to Vodka

Bartender’s Guide to Whiskey

Bartender’s Guide to Tequila

Bartender’s Guide to Bourbon

Bartender’s Guide to Brandy

Bartender’s Guide to Scotch


Advanced Bartending

6 Customer Service Tips for Bartenders

How to Handle Drunk Customers & Refuse Service


Additional Resources

Are Online Bartending Schools Worth Taking?

Difference Between Red and White Wine Glasses

Modern Bartending is Smarter, Wealthier, & Sexier

Directory of State Alcohol and Liquor Control Boards

What to Do With All This Information

This is obviously a ton of lessons with a huge amount of info to learn, but it is organized in a way which makes sense in the bartending world. You’ll go through simple courses which teach you the basics. These are the lessons you’ll need to master before moving on to more advanced topics and before you memorize hundreds of drink recipes. It isn’t a bad idea to start studying some recipes as you are learning about more broad topics, but the basic lessons are the building blocks for everything else you’ll be taking on. Before considering getting an interview, practice your skills