Vodka whether enjoyed straight or in a cocktail is an extremely popular drink around the world. It is an alcohol made from the mash of grain but whereas Whiskey is distilled at low proof to retain the flavors, Vodka is distilled at high proof to reduce them. After the full process of distillation has been completed and the liquid has been purified to eliminate all congeners, the final product will be considered a “neutral spirit”, lacking in character, aroma, and taste. Since Vodka contains only minute traces of congeners, which are the toxins created as a by-product of alcohol. As a result, it is a drink that results in less severe hangovers.

Guide to Vodka Mixed Drinks

Flavored vodkas have become a popular staple in almost every bar and pub. Some flavors include tastes such as red pepper, vanilla, cinnamon, and various fruits. Nordic countries tend to use various herbs in the flavoring of their vodkas.

It should be noted that there are some vodkas are not made from corn, rye, or wheat, but from potatoes, molasses, grapes, or sugar beets. The United States has even started producing grape-based vodka with relative success, but traditional vodka producing countries would like to see vodka termed as a neutral-flavored spirit made from either grain or potatoes.


Vodka has a long tradition in the Baltic and Nordic countries, presumably first created in Russia as early as the 9th century. It was once considered to be of medicinal value and had a lower alcohol content than today’s vodka, which is usually around 40%. It was not until after World War II that vodka was really popularized in the consumer market. Due to the many restrictions placed on the production of vodka in Russia, it was actually easier for it to be made in Poland. It quickly became popular and now, centuries later, Poland continues to be a major centre of the production of vodka. Today vodka is one of the world’s most popular spirits as its neutral flavor allows it to be mixed into a wide variety of different drinks, sometimes in place of other alcohols, such as gin.

Bartending Tips

Vodka can be enjoyed in a variety of different ways, depending on the quality of the vodka and the tastes of the individual. In Europe, it is served ice cold in a half-filled tall shot glass and sipped alongside food, not gulped whereas in North America it is common to shoot back vodka quickly and neatly. Regardless of where you are, cheaper vodka is best mixed into cocktails, such as: the Screwdriver, White Russian, Vodkatini, or Sex on the Beach.

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