Bartender Qualifications & Job Tasks


  • Must meet the state’s minimum serving age for alcoholic beverages
  • Capable of mixing drinks according to the establishment’s specified recipes
  • Capable of cutting fruit into slices to be used as garnishes
  • Understand alcohol safety procedures to prevent over-intoxication
  • Knowledge of basic bar terminology
  • Able to properly handle intoxicated patrons according to the establishments set guidelines
  • Understands state’s laws for required identification prior to serving alcoholic beverages
  • Knowledge of basic arithmetic and monetary mathematics
  • Capable of standing for several hours at a time

Job Tasks

  • Be capabable of pouring and serving drinks such as beer and wine
  • Clean bar top, countertops, tables, and other surfaces
  • Manage purchases of alcohol using point of sale software and cash register
  • Describe and serve dishes from the establishment’s food menu
  • Clean bar tools, glassware, utensils and equipment
  • Open and close down bartending station
  • Organize liquor according to bar’s standards
  • Manage activities of barback and food runners
  • Limit the liability of drunken patrons by managing excess serving of alcohol and taking steps to prevent customers from excessive intoxication and drunk driving
  • Calling taxis and arranging transportation for intoxicated customers
  • Take inventory of supplies and products including alcohols and mixes


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