Bartender Job Description

A bartender’s direct job is to take drink orders from customers at the bar, from waiters and from servers. Using a wide knowledge of mixed drinks and alcohols, they promptly prepare the drinks and serve them before moving to the next order. They must then collect payment for the drinks and process the sale. These are the primary functions of a bartender.

Additionally, they are responsible for keeping the bar clean and organized. They must keep liquors organized and wash glasses as needed. Some bars may require their bartenders to prepare garnishes or snacks for the customers. Almost every bar will require bartenders to keep inventories of the alcohols, mixes, and bartending supplies.

Because of the amount of dialogue a bartender has with customers, it is a good idea to be familiar with current events and local hot spots. Owners of bars prefer to hire bartenders who can hold conversations with patrons while doing their job of serving drinks. It shows good customer service while giving patrons a reason to order more drinks. It is also a good idea for the bartenders to understand all local dialects because drinks have varying names in different regions.

Smoking is popular in bars around the country. Although some states have enacted laws to protect against smoking in bars, there are still many metropolitan areas that allow it. Therefore it is a good idea for bartenders to provide cigarettes and ashtrays to their customers. This will also require additional cleaning up of used of cigarette butts and exposure to secondhand smoke.

Be aware that some establishments require bartenders to dance on bars, flip bottles for flair, and light drinks on fire. These additional tasks are usually specified in the job description but are not uncommon requirements of bartenders. Additional training is needed, but you can expect additional tips when performing these jobs.

A strict prerequisite of bartenders is that they understand that local identification and drinking age laws in order to prevent lawsuits and legal action taken against their establishment. Bartenders check identification of each customer prior to serving alcohol. They also manage their alcohol intake to prevent over intoxication and drinking and driving. Furthermore they need to keep customers in check so that they do not get violent and unmanageable.

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