Are Online Bartending Schools Worth Taking?

For a question that gets asked so often, one would think there should be a black and white answer. But with the existence of the internet and free information today, there is only a subjective one that can be offered to those who ask. The obvious variable to take into consideration is the amount of time the student will invest when taking an online course at home.

Considering the fact that hands-on training with tools and real alcohol will have the greatest impact on the student’s education, brick and mortar schools require a certain number of hours of this before one can graduate. They provide all of the materials you need and then some to get this valuable time mixing. Some allow for you to come in on your own time to complete these hours while others have strict schedules you must abide by.

If students who opt for an online course take it upon themselves to practice along the same schedule as they would at a brick and mortar school, then the education is certainly more than enough. Usually it comes at a lower price tag as well. For those who are not disciplined enough to adhere to these hours on their own schedule, then they should opt for the in-person course. Participating in group educational sessions with a teacher who you can interact with will almost certainly have greater impact on a student’s attendance.

Job placement is another attractive feature of in-person schools. Although very helpful and accessible, these jobs are by no means a guarantee. They are just as difficult to get as those you find during your own job search. Most of them are also broadcasted to a wider audience and have a higher level of competition.

Bartending school teachers offer the ability to answer on the spot questions students may have. Online schools account for this with FAQ sections and a wealth of additional information. Some have forums and comment sections that allow moderators to respond to questions and help students virtually.

Ultimately, students should evaluate their choice of school prior to paying for any courses. The internet offers more free information than can be given to students in a single course booklet. Courses are often much cheaper and faster online. Websites like this offer free information that can supplement online courses to offer a more complete curriculum. However, the ability to keep students focused and requiring hands-on practice will guarantee graduating students have the minimum education needed to get a bartending job. Interacting with other students and a live teacher is worth the extra money. Most also offer job placement and more bartending equipment than a student will have at home.

Final Word

Remember that experience is worth more of your time than what any school can offer. Before applying anywhere, practice for friends, home parties, or volunteer events. The easiest way to get a bartending job is to work your way up from a barback, busser, or server at your prospective place of employment.

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