6 Tips to Remember to Get a Bartending Job

Remember These Tips to Get a Bartending Job

Although bartending requires specific knowledge and skills, there are several factors to remember as you pursue this exciting career.

1. The Power of Personality

There may be 30 applicants or there may be 3, but regardless of the amount of competition you’re up against, you’re personality will be the greatest factor over which you have control. You may have the exact same experience level as a number of applicants. But you can set yourself apart from the crowd with a bright smile and confidence. Be fun and outgoing!

2. Look the Part

In 5 Things You Should Do Before Applying for a Bartending Job I mentioned that you need to dress according to the attire of the establishment. If you are applying for an upscale bar or lounge, be sure to wear formal attire. For a dive bar go for a more casual look, but still dress presentable and groomed. Looking better than their current bartenders sends a good message. These rules apply even when picking up an application. You never know if the hiring manager will decide to meet with you on the spot.

3. Be Persistent

Sending in an application is just the beginning. After applying, head to the bar and ask to speak with the hiring manager. Ask for an interview and show interest in the position. You can be persistent without being annoying. Let them know you want the job and are available to work. Once you have interviewed, wait 2-3 days before following up with a phone call. Displaying ambition can sway their decision.

4. Apply to Many Places

Treat the application process like a job. Visit as many establishments as possible and send them your resume and completed application. You’re more likely to be hired if you don’t leave your fate to chance. Give yourself options and put your information in front of as many hiring managers as possible.

5. You Can Do It!

There are tons of resources available for the aspiring bartender. Whether looking for your first gig behind a bar or have several years of experience, finding a job is all about ambition. Put forth the effort and the opportunities will follow. It is up to you to get the job.

6. Bartending School is an Option

Our bartending lessons and information is available for free and provides more than what many bartending schools offer in their curriculum. But for many, a hands-on education is irreplaceable. If you are having trouble finding a job, consider attending bartending school or purchasing an online program that offers a certificate of completion. Some bars will value this certificate and will consider hiring you.


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