6 Customer Service Tips for Bartenders

A Well Made Mimosa
In order to be successful as a bartender, you need to provide excellent customer service along with serving a well made drink. We are going to address 6 of the most important tips that you can apply as a bartender in any type of establishment to ensure your customers have the best experience possible.

Greet Your Customers with a Smile

It’s easy to forget that first impressions can never be made again. When a customer approaches the bar, make eye contact and say hello. Make sure you lay down a cocktail napkin as a way of acknowledging that you will be serving them. If you cannot serve them right away, let them know you will get to them shortly. Guests don’t mind a wait as long as they are recognized.

Hygiene and Sanitation Should Always Be in the Back of Your Mind

When you reach for a bottle or glass, never grab the surface that the customer will put their mouth on. This applies to straws, ice, and garnishes as well. Your fingers should stay away from your mouth while bartending as well. If you need to touch something unsanitary such as garbage from the ground, wash your hands before serving again.

Always Serve the Bar in Order

It is common courtesy to take the woman’s order before the man. Work your way down the bar in sequence so as to be fair to everyone waiting. Remember to acknowledge customers if the wait seems to be abnormally long.

Keep the Bar Clean

Always wipe down the bar after spills and pick up leftover napkins, straw wrappers, and floating tips. A clean bar has a strong impact on a customer’s impression of the place. Use a clean towel to wipe down wet surfaces or crumbs if your establishment serves food. Replace alcohol bottles to their original place when you are finished using them and keep your station clean.

Be Grateful for Tips

When a customer gives you a tip, make eye contact and say thank you regardless of the amount. Be grateful for what you are given and do your best to earn more if you are not happy with how much customers are leaving.

Remember Names

If someone introduces themselves to you, make it a point to remember their name. Customers like to hear their name and it will usually reflect in the tip you receive.

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