25 Drinks Every Bartender Needs to Know

So you consider yourself a perfect applicant to get hired on for that bar you’ve been applying and interviewing with, but you haven’t even mastered the ingredients in a Red Headed Slut. Or perhaps you still get confused when someone orders a Kamikaze and a Lemon Drop at the same time.

When you become a bartender, there are many skills and abilities you need to have mastered in order to be successful behind the bar. Knowing these 25 drinks alone does not mean that you are ready to enter the world of serving cocktails at any establishment you choose. However, before I hire anyone I send them this list to get them started on the right foot. You will most likely be serving various combinations of these as a single order. They are common almost anywhere you go whether the bar is large or small or you happen to be employed at a popular restaurant. Learning these drinks will make you valuable to any home party and if you get a chance you show your prowess you’ll become quite popular with friends as well. Pair these drinks with a bit of flair and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for a great night.

1. Apple Martini
2. AMF – Adios Mother Fucker
3. Black Russian / White Russian
4. Bloody Mary
5. Buttery Nipple
6. Cosmopolitan
7. Greyhound
8. Daiquiri
9. Jager Bomb
10. Kamikaze
11. Irish Car Bomb
12. Irish Coffee
13. Lemon Drop
14. Long Island Ice Tea
15. Manhattan
16. Margarita
17. Martini
18. Mojito
19. Old Fashion
20. Screwdriver
21. Sex on the Beach
22. Spanish Coffee
23. Surfer on Acid
24. Tequila Sunrise
25. Red Headed Slut

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