Online Bartenders Guide and Mixed Drink Recipes

Bartenders Guide

Bartending is a lucrative side gig career for just about anyone, but the courses and costs alone to learn bartending have been known to discourage those interested before they even get started. Don’t let this happen to you!

With a bit of motivation, anyone can learn to bartend with our free bartenders guide and lessons.

Our bartenders guide is filled with online bartending lessons so that teach you valuable techniques and skills that you need. From opening and closing the bar, interview and resume tips, all the way to mixed drink recipes and handling drunk customers, you’ll learn the necessary skills to get you started on a rewarding career.

Remember, you don’t have to throw away your money to learn bartending, as this comprehensive free bartenders guide provides the techniques and tricks to get you working in as little time as possible. Learn to bartend on your own schedule and at your own pace with this bartending guide. It’s filled with bartending tips to teach you quickly and correctly so you can land that high-paying job.

Drink Recipes

Mastering your way around the bottles and learning the tools of the trade are integral parts of any bartending program, but the Complete Bartenders Guide focuses on the fastest ways to make you a master mixologist.

Our mixed drinks recipes walk you through the basics of popular drink recipes, from classic to craft cocktails, shots and more. Browse the full guides on each major type of alcohol in a bartender’s arsenal, and the detailed steps of mixing fan favorites, our bartenders guide will serve as a rolodex of drink recipes to keep under your belt, as well as the inspiration to creating your own signature cocktails.

Try our drink recipes to get the hands-on experience needed to whip your mixing skills into shape. Practice makes perfect and utilizing the mixed drinks section is the easiest way to memorize all those drink recipes you’ll soon be pouring. The more you have mastered then the sooner you’ll be paid for your mixing abilities.

How to Become a Bartender

Becoming a bartender isn’t merely about behind the bar knowledge, experience, and customer service. Bartending training should include your bartending certification so that future employers can be assured you are qualified based on state-approved standards.

Like many online courses, you can now cap off your education by assessing for competency right from your own computer, receiving your bartending certification online in far less steps than traditional classroom settings. Our online bartending certification guide allows you to put the skills you’ve learned in both your online and at home training to the test, quickly getting you the bartending certification needed to go hand in hand with your growing resume. As the cornerstone of your bartending training, the speed of your online bartending certification can only help you to score the opportunity to interview for desirable bartending positions.